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What is Home Works?

Wondering how design professionals work through the process of designing client’ homes? Well now you can follow the same approach with the Home Works System. This provides you with the exact tools of the trade we use in our interior design and construction management firm everyday at a fraction of the cost.  Quickly navigate questions like How high should I hang the chandelier?  How big of a rug should I order?  Get helpful advise from an experienced professional. 

What you get with Home Works

  • A 10 Step guide to decorating your space, designer tips and tricks, including everything from creating floor plans, measuring a space, sizing rugs as well as creating a design budget, plus much more

  • Design guides for every room in your home, such as how high to hang your lighting over your island, counter stools versus bar stools, how much yardage is needed for reupholstery, how to measure for draperies

  • A large coffee table worthy binder to store anything and everything for your home FINALLY EVERYTHING HAS A PLACE!


  • In addition to the organizer You will also get over 100 pages of ideas and insights from my 18 year career as and interior designer.

The Benefits of Home Works

  • Designer tips and tricks at a fraction of the cost to hire a designer

  • The support you need to stop making costly mistakes and get a magazine worthy home

  • Complete organizational system for anything and everything for your home and much more!

  • If your stuck, no problem, buy one of our Q & A packages and we walk you through your design challenge

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I'm Donna Benedetto, a self taught interior designer with over 20 years of experience.  My firm Donna Benedetto Design has worked with home owners on single room and complete home construction and design projects.  Our projects have been featured in local magazines as well as showhouses throughout Connecticut and New York.  We have also worked on HGTV's House Hunters Renovation as well as the series designer for DIY Networks, Amazing Space and NBC CT Live.

I believe you don't have to be a professional interior designer to create a space that nurtures your soul and expresses your personal sense of style.  If you have the passion to design a beautifully functional space you deserve the support to do it correctly.

After countless new client calls, and one story after another of homeowners making costly mistakes, I wanted to create a tool where I could supply them with the skills needed to do it on their own.  This is how Home Works was born.